Enterprising Youths Programs

Enterprising Youths on a ProgrammeThe enterprise work of Ultima Performance Ltd, combined with the Heartmath tools and techniques, is specifically focused on helping young people to exploit their potential and enterprise talents.

We have designed a range of creative, innovative and action-based programmes covering every stage of the enterprise process, from ideas generation to business growth, to support young people and their teachers and supporters.

The programmes for young people, especially those who are NEET or pre-NEET or have behavioural or attendance problems, are designed to :

  • Boost self-esteem and performance
  • Motivate, inspire and enthuse you and your team
  • Encourage the generation new ideas, ambitions and perspectives
  • Offer accreditation where required in enterprise and arts based awards

Our programmes for teachers and support workers are aimed at building up their capacity and knowledge to support enterprise and creativity in the curriculum so they can:

  • Champion enterprise beyond the lifetime of our interventions
  • Involve parent and the community more closely with their children’s learning and the activities of the schools
  • Effectively exploit the resources available to the school or college to deliver the best education and opportunities to students

Our work is driven by our belief that enterprise has the potential to positively change young people’s lives in ways which are perhaps currently unimaginable to them.

Our programmes are designed to sit within the educational and enterprise strategies being developed at national, regional and sub-regional levels and to complement the work of those organisations delivering, for example, further and higher education, community and social enterprise development, business start-up and business growth support.


  • Train the Trainer: A two day enterprise development programme for those who work with young people including teachers, lecturers, classroom assistants, youth workers and community development workers.
  • Enterprise Animation: large scale one day events, often subject or industry focused, that aim to raise awareness amongst young people of enterprise development and self-employment as viable and attractive career options.
  • Gearing Up for Enterprise: A single day event that explores the potential in all of us to be enterprising. Designed to raise awareness amongst teachers, support workers, classroom assistants, youth workers, community engagement workers of the potential of enterprise to be a catalyst for positively changing the lives of individuals.
  • Cascading Enterprise: A programme for teachers, parents, community workers, and others with grass roots contact with parents and children, to enable them to deliver enterprise initiatives independently in the future. Participants will be charged with developing the ideas generated at the earlier workshops.
  • DIY Cafe: a ten week accredited in school or college programme specifically designed to raise the aspirations, confidence, behaviour and attendance of Pre NEET and NEET students by challenging and supporting them to start a small enterprise of their own, and to organise an event.

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