About Ultima Performance

Ultima Performance has been created by a team that has clearly seen the benefits of using of HeartMath and other performance improvement tools and techniques across a wide range of activities.

The Company's directors (John Sunderland-Wright and Meryl Dodd) have both set up and run other successful businesses. John and Meryl have over 12 years experience in working within organisations assisting them with organisational change, performance improvement, leadership and management development, team building and customer service. We are qualified trainers, coaches and have a wealth of experience working in all major sectors of business in the UK and Europe Ultima Performance is licensed in the UK to deliver HeartMath programmes by HeartMath LLC and the Institute of HeartMath in the USA in the areas of Education and public sector organisations.

Meet the Team:

John Sunderland-WrightJohn Sunderland-Wright


John is an engaging and passionate deliverer, who has extensive expertise in the design, delivery and management of programmes to help individuals, children and through their development and growth. John has an MA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Durham and as well as being passionate about enterprise has a keen interest in relationship psychology, emotional intelligence and in using the HeartMath; were he is a Master Trainer; and other Peak Performance Systems to help improve performance and raise levels of confidence. John’s wide range of experience in both the public and private sector has provided him with access to many innovative and successful approaches to developing and improving individual and business performance.

Meryl DoddMeryl Dodd


Meryl Dodd is a passionate and innovative consultant and researcher renowned for her ability to enthuse and engage. She established her first business in 1998 and is currently working on a range of business support and enterprise projects in the North East and North West regions. Meryl has a Master Degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Durham.

Meryl was a Senior Lecturer at Newcastle Business School. She also spent two years as a Community Development Worker for the University of Sunderland, and six years as a Researcher and Management Consultant working on new product, strategy development and change implementation projects with large blue chip companies and governmental organisations.



Ulitma Performance Ltd are based at the e-volve centre. This is a new state-of-the art e-commerce centre designed specifically to meet the needs of North East England’s technology-based and innovative companies.
The Centre has 8 Training rooms to cater for small sessions to large scale training and promotional events. It also boasts a modern e-cafe and bistro for relaxing business lunches and has free wifi access.

Official Licensed Provider of HeartMath Products In Education In The UK