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Ultima Performance are a dedicated team of passionate people with a wealth of experience in helping people be the best they can be.
Our mission is:

“To be an exemplary resource for Individuals, employers, employees, children, families, educators, by helping them raise personal awareness, realise their potential and raise achievements by guiding them to be the best they can.”

We use a range of proven tools, techniques and technologies that are aimed at helping you improve your performance. With our help many adults, children, organisations and athletes have benefitted by, enhancing their well-being, improving their energy levels, building resiliency and so achieving significantly higher levels of performance and belief.

Ultima Performance holds an official license for delivery in the UK of HeartMath® training programmes in the areas of Education (Schools, Colleges Universities and other Adult Education providers) and Public Sector Organisations; and through its partner company ‘Performance on Demand’ Business, Sport and Health Care.

We are dedicated to improving health, performance and well-being at School at home and in the workplace and provide products and services that enable people to transform stress, better regulate emotional responses and harness the power of heart and brain. Our team has a wealth of expertise in designing and delivering training programmes across these sectors for many of the world's largest corporations, world sports champions and across the whole spectrum of education; including those with special needs.

In addition to the tried and tested health benefits that are provided by a properly conducted performance improvement and motivational programmes, we have case studies in every sector proving that performance does improve and you can reach your Ultima Performance Level and Be the Best you can.

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Official Licensed Provider of HeartMath Products In Education In The UK